The Assembled & Factory-Calibrated Version of the Genuine B9Creator arrives as a complete unit, ready to calibrate and print. The assembled version has been built to factory specifications, started, and tuned by technicians in our factory to produce fantastic prints right out of the box. Each machine comes with the calibration settings documented and the final calibration print included in the box for owner verification.



For professional users, the value of the assembled machine is outstanding. Each Assembled machine comes with a 1-year warranty. B9Creator Assembled 1-Year Warranty This package includes one kilogram of B9R-1-Cherry resin, two pre-coated B9 Vats, and a B9Creator Calibration Grid Set. The software to operate this system is available for download directly from the B9Creator web site. Download now and give it a try.

Important Note: The B9Creator, v1.2 requires a host computer with an available USB port and secondary video output (VGA or HDMI that supports 1920 x 1080 resolution) to which the B9Creator must be attached to operate.

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